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B Bakery
B BakerySunday, April 30th, 2017 at 7:04pm

"Brigit's Bakery, partner or all your events since 2009" 🚌🍰🍸
Corporate events, birthdays, hen nights, family days out,... On The road, on the Thames, mobile or in the air 🚁
Everything is possible!
Book your special event now =>

Toni Pinto Ferrazza We will be there next week to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary!!!!! <3
B Bakery
B BakeryFriday, April 28th, 2017 at 6:10pm

6:00pm, ready for the long weekend?
The only moment when the biggest decision you have to take is whether you put the milk first or after in your tea... 🍰🍰🍰

#BankHoliday #HappyWeekend #Decision

Maxine Mick Evans 1st 😊
Debbie N Nick Gray Pmd yourselves.. x
B Bakery
B BakeryWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 5:15pm

This is what happens when Culture Trip jump on board our Gin Lovers Afternoon Tea Bus Tour with Hayman's Gin 🍸🚌🍰

Have you tried it yet? 🍰🍸🚌

#GinLoversAfternoonTeaBusTour #B_bus #B_bakery #HaymansGin...

B Bakery
Culture Trip
All aboard the gin bus!
Rima Rjwn Coralie Detilleux je v t'emmener dans ce traquenard fin juin 🤣
Kerry Hurst Kevin Hurst they do a gin one now. Aren't we due another trip? ❤️😜
Jo Winfield Sabina we should do this as one of our afternoons
Natasha Brookner Simona? Or we could just drink🍸without the 🚌 bus? 😘
Martina Brown Tony Brown I notice they also serve champagne so we're doing this! 😍
Donna Spink Liz Whitaker this is the gin tour i was telling you about but no dates when we go x
Laura Jones They do afternoon tea with gin now! Christine Katie
Sara Jane McKeon Andrea Gaskell Kate Dalby .... let the celebration begin!!!! ? Xx
Claire Nightingale Tracy Sally Yvette maybe we would do this next?
Jessica Whitbread Sue Kerry Marie Yexley Jane Butler Can't wait for our date on the bus in September 😊❤️🎂☕️
Jane Butler Yay looks fab!!! Xx
Ruth Goulding Can we do this girls??
Kitty Fisher Loved this bus, I've been twice now! x
Catherine Weaves Oh Becky Rees this is like our dream bus isn't it xx
Carly Scott Sarah Horton come and visit so we can do this!
Mary Herting Heaven on a bus...
Heather Nugen Heatwole Looks fantastic!
Sabina Di Nardo L'amore 😍
Hayley Whittlesey Kelly our next outing??
Catherine Lucy Mel Kern you need to come back! Xx
Joanna Camble Karen Beer can we do this soon x
Clare Grainger Lottie Grainger we need to book this xx
Silvia Amighini Ruby Taglight need to come visit 😂
Audrey de Geyter Cathy Cathy Crt c'est pas le bus à Mathieu ???
Clare Stapleton Karen Frost, Maria Bairstow I think we should do this xx
B Bakery
B BakeryMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 5:38pm
Sandra Wilkinson Marlene / Nell is the one on the left. I drove her that day!
Jen Plant All the way from Australia, Laura and I are joining you next month for the VIP treatment...hope the weather is fine 😎
Amanda Brown Going on this tour in about 2 weeks! Can't wait!
Sharon Howe Gee 😃 xx
Anne Grove Done this last Christmas, well worth doing:)
Kathryn Marriott I need to do this again. Loved it.
Janet Kimpton We will have to do that Sharon love you mum x x x
Annika Holmlander Catarina 😍
Sandy R Crofts Conny N Robin Shepley ☕️🍰
B Bakery
B BakerySaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 6:22pm

Us: "We will soon hire puppies too!"
Her: "You have cat to be kitten me right now!"

Happy Caturday 😹🚌🍰

#HappySaturday #B_bakery #London

Kriss Shardlow Love how cross-eyed he is!!! Xx
Marianne Downie Sabina Sanzio
B Bakery
B BakeryFriday, April 21st, 2017 at 6:28pm

That Friday - Freedom feeling! 🤗😍🤗
#HappyFriday #B_bakery #AfternoonTea

Myriam Stammler wanna this again ! <3<3<3
Nici Cunningham Jessy Wolverson x
Jeanette Galley Laura Galley Sophie Galley
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