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Support Cedric our CEO: One Year after His Life-Changing Accident

As some of you might know, Cedric Bloch - our wonderful CEO and the creator of our Classic, Gin, and Peppa Pig Afternoon Tea Bus Tours concept - was involved in a tragic biking accident on Saturday 4th September 2021. During the qualifying race at the Snetterton race track, Cedric's brakes failed, and he was flipped off his bike and onto the grass. When the 180kg bike crashed into the wall and then rebound back on top of his body, he suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury that left him paralysed from the chest down.

After being rushed to Norfolk Norwich University Hospital, he underwent a gruelling 9-hour emergency surgery to reconstruct his mid-dorsal spine and drain his lungs. The impact also broke thirteen ribs, his sternum, his left-leg tibia and knee, and his right wrist. After countless surgeries and a whole year in the hospital, Cedric is now out of Stoke Mandeville and happy to be finally home with his family. With plenty of physical therapy, he will soon be able to regain the use of his right hand.

Ced: CEO of Brigit's Bakery - back surgery
Support Cedric - CEO of Brigit's Bakery

Cedric now needs to learn how to adjust to life beyond the hospital doors, and the challenges ahead are no doubt going to be significant. He's shown us he's a true warrior and an undeniable fighter. He's already surpassed everyone's expectations, and we know he'll continue to do so.

Our fundraiser

After his accident, his family started a fundraiser to help him buy the equipment he needs in order to live at home with his family and navigate the challenges that come with his injury. So far, we've been lucky to raise just over £140,000. And we are extremely grateful for every single penny donated towards his recovery and rehabilitation journey.

Support Cedric CEO Of Brigit's Bakery

Thankfully, things are looking up. Cedric's unbreakable spirit, unwavering determination, and dynamic personality have helped him get to this stage in his recovery, but the journey is still long. That's why we're hoping you'll consider helping us to continue our fundraising efforts in order to support Cedric and his family to purchase the specialist equipment he'll need to be able to live a fulfilling and more independent life. Cedric relies heavily on daily physical therapy and rehabilitation and also requires a carer to support him through it.


Who is Cedric Bloch?

Cedric has spent the last decade in London, running the Bakery and its fleet of buses. He has a competitive nature, and his passion for racing has been with him since childhood. A champion at heart, he always chases first place - whether in business or on the race track. He'd become a semi-professional racing bike rider in the Quattro Group British Supersport and British GP2 Championship over four years ago now. Before his injury, he won the Bemsee Rookie Championship and was elected most promising racer of the year in his first year. The following year, he also won the Bemsee Clubman Championship.

At home, he's a partner to Daria and a loving father of two young children - five-year-old Natalie and two-year-old Leo. He's a courageous man who thrives from being busy and active as much as he loves spending time with his young family.

Cedric's passion for mechanics

Thanks to his passion for racing, over the years, Cedric has acquired a deep understanding of mechanics. It’s this profound love for engineering and design that originally fuelled the eccentric idea of converting an iconic 1960s Routemaster bus into the amazing Afternoon Tea Bus Tours we offer today. Cedric is not one to give up and when faced with council opposition and being called 'bonkers', he persisted. Thanks to this perseverance, his concept became a reality. And today, our Afternoon Tea Bus Tours are somewhat iconic and something the City of London is extremely proud of.

Cedric truly is a gift to us. He loves creating innovation and improvements and to make people smile. He never ever gives up. His inner strength is unbreakable, and he's someone to admire. His injury hasn't weakened his drive, and his next mission is to make a difference in even more lives. Will you support us in helping Cedric fulfil his new vision?

Improving the lives of the paraplegic community

Despite the great progress he's making, Cedric's recovery is still measured in years. While his family's still helping with the business, Cedric's proven his strength of mind, character, and heart time and time again. And that's why he's already thinking about helping others. His goal is to enable the community of paraplegics to live better and fuller lives. He surely sets an example for others, and his determination to keep moving forward remains one of his strongest assets.

His next goal is to modify wheelchairs and create other home improvements that will benefit not just himself but also other wheelchair-bound parents. The goal? So they can better care for their young children at home.

Support Ced - CEO of Brigit's Bakery

Help us support Cedric to lift others up

The GoFundMe page we originally set up to offer our support to Ced and his family on his recovery and rehabilitation journey is still active. The money raised will continue to enable Cedric to purchase specialist equipment to be able to live at home. Let's help him live comfortably and independently with his family - where he belongs. Please consider donating to help make this difficult time easier for Ced and his loved ones. And please share this fundraiser far and wide on our behalf!

Support Cedric CEO of Brigit's Bakery

Let's get him the help he needs, so he can keep reaching great heights and change the lives of even more people. And perhaps we'll see him inspiring the world at the Paralympics next?


Much appreciated,

Your Brigit’s Bakery Team

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