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Support Cedric: creator of our bus tour concept

Cedric Bloch, our wonderful CEO and the creator of our Classic, Gin, and Peppa Pig bus tours concept - was involved in a tragic biking accident on Saturday 4th September 2021. Unfortunately, this resulted in a life-changing spinal cord injury for which he had to undergo a gruelling 9-hour emergency surgery to reconstruct his mid-dorsal spine and drain his lungs. The impact also broke 13 ribs, his sternum, his left leg tibia and knee, and his right wrist. As a result of the spinal injury, Ced is now paralysed from his chest down.


Cedric Bloch has spent the last decade in London, running the Bakery and its fleet of buses. He has a competitive nature and his passion for racing has been with him since childhood. Cedric, a true champion, has chased first place whether in business or on the race track. Over the years he’s acquired a deep understanding of mechanics which has served him full purpose. His next mechanical adventure is creating modifications to wheelchairs for himself and others as well as home improvements to help care for young children whilst being bound to a chair.

It’s his rooted love for engineering and design that originally founded the eccentric idea of converting an iconic 1960s route-master bus in the amazing Afternoon Tea Tours we offer today. Cedric is not one to give up and when faced with council oppositions and being called “bonkers”, Cedric's persistence ensued and the concept became an iconic tour that the city of London is proud of.

Today his family has taken over the business as his recovery time is not measured in days or weeks, but measured in years. Cedric has proven time and time again his strength, he has a strong mind and an even stronger heart. He thinks of others and wants to help the community of paraplegics to live a better and fuller life. He sets the example for the rest and his determination to keep moving forward remains his strongest asset.

He’s a gift to us all. He makes improvements in our lives and never gives up. He’s one to admire. His inner strength is truly unbreakable. So let's come together and help Cedric on fulfilling his next mission to help make a difference, to more lives.

In order to offer our support to Ced and his young family on his recovery and rehabilitation journey, we’ve set up a GoFundMe page. The money raised will enable us to purchase the specialist equipment he needs to be able to return to his family home and workplace and continue to live a fulfilling life. Please consider donating to help make this difficult time a little easier on Ced and his loved ones and share this fundraiser far and wide for us so we can get him the help he truly needs.


Much appreciated,

Your Brigit’s Bakery Team

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