Vegan Afternoon Tea

Our Vegan Afternoon Tea has proved extremely popular since it's launch in early 2018. As it wouldn’t be a proper afternoon tea without scones, our vegan menu also includes freshly-baked, plain scones with a selection of delicious vegan spreads. Enjoy our Vegan Afternoon Tea on all of our bus tours or at Brigit's Bakery in Covent Garden.

Our Vegan Afternoon Tea London menu includes a choice of freshly-cut sandwiches with vegan fillings, such as beetroot hummus and cucumber finger sandwich, avocado and carrot roll and quinoa pot with fresh minty vegan mayo, topped with baby-cress. We also have delicious vegan quiche with seasonal vegetables.

For sweet treats, our chefs have crafted a selection of homemade vegan cakes including; lemon tart, apple and vanilla macaroon, strawberry and vanilla cupcake and coconut & mango cheesecake verrine.

Please state Vegan Menu under dietary options when booking one of our Afternoon Tea experiences.

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Dietary Options & Allergens

Unfortunately, we are unable to cater for: nut-free, peanut-free, combination of dairy & gluten-free, combination of vegan & gluten-free and Coeliacs. Gluten-free menu may contain traces. Vegan and gluten free teas are £3 extra. Please specify requirements upon reservation. All allergies must be emailed and confirmed by management at Thank you for your understanding.

We offer the following alternative Afternoon Tea menus:

Traditional Afternoon Tea
Vegan Afternoon Tea
Vegetarian Afternoon Tea
Gluten Free Afternoon Tea
Halal Afternoon Tea

What’s so good about being vegan?

Following a vegan diet isn’t just about food. It’s a lifestyle choice that many of our customers embrace with pride. Research shows that when we eliminate meat and dairy from our plates and opt for a plant-based diet instead, our bodies and our health can reap some great benefits. Over time, vegans can boast decreased blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease. Not to mention younger-looking skin and improved energy levels and mood. So, why not try our Vegan Afternoon Tea and see how you feel?

And let’s not forget about the environmental impact of going vegan. According to data shared by the charity Veganuary, in our lifetime, every single one of us will eat more than 7,000 animals. By reducing the amount of meat and dairy we consume globally, we can drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. But we also get to impact the food production and food chains in a positive way. And hopefully, we get to save our oceans!

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