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Vegan Afternoon Tea at B Bakery Covent Garden (Chrissy B Show)

After reviewing our Traditional Afternoon tea The Best Afternoon Tea in London in her previous video review, the vlogger Chrissy B visited our Bakery in Covent Garden again to try out our Vegan Afternoon Tea.

Here’s how she reviewed our Vegan Afternoon Tea in the Chrissy B YouTube Show with her guest, Sanni Suma, a vegan beauty expert:

“I thought I would have to give up afternoon tea forever after I became vegan but this is like such a great surprise!”

It’s fully vegan, it’s not just a couple of the cakes: it’s everything, even the macaroons!

I’ve been vegetarian forever. I used to be vegan at home but when I went out I was a vegetarian. However, not now for six months, I have been 100% vegan.

As a consequence, my skin cleared up. I used to always get lots of hormonal spots on my chin – a lot of women do. It didn’t happen immediately, but within a month or two of going vegan, I never got them any more. So, I’ve got now lots of little bottles for my problem chin that I don’t ever need to use any more! So, your skin is better and you feel better in general! Indeed, by default, you just eat healthier.

In this vegan afternoon tea, I like this lemon drizzle so much! And this coconut-based mousse is lovely and light.

Time for the cupcake test…

They are so pretty and feel very light. Indeed, they taste like buttercream, but without the butter! I didn’t have that taste experience in a long time!

We’ve had a wonderful vegan afternoon tea at Brigit’s Bakery in Covent Garden.

My absolute favourites from the savory were they all wraps: they have avocado and it was quite spicy. My favourite from the sweets was the lemon drizzle cake: the icing is my secret vice!

I would recommend this 100% and I already know people I’m going to bring here!

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