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Veganuary : Brigit’s Bakery supports it!

It’s Christmas, and we know the drill. We’re going to overindulge. Eat and drink too much, and feel a tad guilty about it all afterwards. Next thing we know it’s January and the start of a new year. The chance to turn a new leaf and establish healthier habits. And what do most of us do? We look at our diet and nutrition. So it’s really no surprise that so many amazing initiatives kick off in January to support people through change. And as the start of the New Year is upon us, here at Brigit's Bakery, we’ve decided to get behind Vegan January: Veganuary.

Veganuary at Brigit's Bakery

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is an initiative first launched in 2014 by the corresponding registered charity. It encourages people to try following a vegan diet for the month of January. During the whole month, the charity will offer support to anyone signing up for the challenge. Going vegan isn’t just about switching your diet though. It’s about following a vegan lifestyle too.

So if you’ve been thinking about trying a vegan diet for size, or if you’ve been meaning to take the plunge and becoming vegan for life, Veganuary could do the trick. Perhaps you’re motivated by the huge impact that our omnivorous diets have on animals and the environment. Or maybe you simply want to set yourself up for a healthier start to the New Year. Whatever your motivation, with daily support and information, recipes and meal plans available at your fingertips during Veganuary, there really isn’t a better time to try veganism out.

When you sign up, you’ll receive helpful tips to get you started. Or to keep you going when the going gets tough! Plus, you’ll be joining a growing community of millions of people across the world who are looking to make more intentional and environmentally-friendly choices around food and lifestyle.

What’s so good about being vegan?

Following a vegan diet isn’t just about food. It’s a lifestyle choice that many of our customers embrace with pride. Research shows that when we eliminate meat and dairy from our plates and opt for a plant-based diet instead, our bodies and our health can reap some great benefits. Over time, vegans can boast decreased blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease. Not to mention younger-looking skin and improved energy levels and mood. What’s not to like?

And let’s not forget about the environmental impact of going vegan. According to data shared by the charity Veganuary, in our lifetime, every single one of us will eat more than 7,000 animals. By reducing the amount of meat and dairy we consume globally, we can drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. But we also get to impact the food production and food chains in a positive way. And hopefully, we get to save our oceans!

Veganuary Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Brigit's Bakery supports Veganuary

If you’re signing up to Veganuary this January, Brigit's Bakery has a fantastic treat in store for you. Whether you’re trying the vegan diet and lifestyle for the first time, or you’re a seasoned vegan, we’ve got a great menu for you. As a company, we are passionate about offering a variety of dietary options to accommodate all tastes and diets. So when it comes to our French-inspired delicious afternoon tea experiences, we already offer halal, vegetarian, gluten-free, and, of course, vegan.

Book with Brigit's Bakery in January

We’re really getting behind the Vegan Revolution. Check out our vegan afternoon tea menu, which you can enjoy:

You’ll be able to indulge in a selection of freshly-cut sandwiches with vegan fillings. Just picture yourself enjoying the healthy and colourful combinations of beetroot and cucumber or avocado and carrot. Not to mention our mouthwatering, homemade vegan cakes – yum!

Veganuary Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Beat the January blues

So if you’re already vegan, or if you’re signing up to Veganuary (or know someone who is), why not beat the January blues by treating yourself to an Afternoon Tea London Bus Tour that won’t break the dietary rules? If you think you can’t eat out or enjoy a healthy (and super-tasty) treat and experience, think again. Here at Brigit's Bakery, we’re all for supporting our existing vegan customers and encouraging more people to try vegan food. Let’s bust the myth that being vegan mean you can’t eat out or enjoy a celebration with family and friends for a special occasion! Whether it’s Mum’s birthday, your anniversary, or a friend’s Baby Shower, just come and join us!

So check out our Vegan Afternoon Tea menu and don’t forget to select the vegan option if you’re booking one of our Afternoon Tea & Sightseeing London Bus Tours.

And if you’re stuck for ideas for a special present for a loved one, why not give them a Brigit's Bakery gift voucher for a fantastic vegan day out to enjoy together?

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